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REVEALED: Homosexuality growing in Senior High Schools

A researcher and Senior High School teacher, Frank Okyere, has revealed that homosexuality is very prevalent in the Ghanaian society ...

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PHOTO: Ghanaian gay man marries his male lover in America

The overall hatred against the gay community in Ghana has seen most of them crawl into the closet, living a ...

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We will not allow homosexuality in Ghana – MP declares

The battle for the legalisation of homosexuality in Ghana wages on as a member of parliament for Assin South, Mr.John ...

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UNBELIEVABLE! Gay Father Wants to Get Married to His Gay Son

A same-sex couple is petitioning the court for the right to marry, but the court refused. What makes this couple ...

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PHOTOS: First Same-Sex Couple Marry In US After Supreme Court Ruling

Jack Evans and George Harris were the first same-sex couple to wed in Dallas County, Texas Jack Evans, 85, and ...

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