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Microsoft Shares Code For Kinect Game Gadget

Microsoft has opened up access to the core computer code for its Kinect motion-sensing device. The device, built for the ...

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Facebook ‘Likes’ Predict Personality

Sexuality, political leanings and even intelligence can be gleaned from the things you choose to “like” on Facebook, a study ...

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The 10 Most-admired Tech Companies

Apple Its stock may have come back down to earth, but Apple is still one of the most beloved brands ...

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Mahama Officially Launches ¢10 Bn Rlg Hope City Project

A click of a button by President John Mahama officially marked the beginning of Rlg’s Hope City project, a world ...

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Hackers Breach Evernote Security

Online information storage firm Evernote has asked all users to reset their passwords, following a security breach by hackers. The ...

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