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VIDEO: World’s heaviest living man has been in bed for 6 years!

Juan Pedro

Juan Pedro, reportedly the world’s heaviest living man, has left his bed for the first time in 6 years in ...

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GORY PHOTO: Wicked crowd lynch 7-year-old boy to death in Lagos

Lagos lynch

A crowd made up of people old enough to be his father have burnt alive a young boy of seven ...

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Teacher uses Pogba’s trademark ‘dab’ to teach Pythagoras’ theorem [Photos]

Pogba dab

Paul Pogba’s trademark ‘dab’ celebration has been turned into a maths question by a resourceful teacher in France and the ...

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89-year-old man digs his own grave


An 89-year-old Canadian has made headlines for digging his own grave. “I love digging,” Jimmy Kickham, from Prince Edward Island, ...

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Members storm out of church after gay pastor announces his partner is pregnant

Members of Atlanta’s Little Rock Missionary Church Of God walked out of service when their pastor, Mr. Willam Terry Longstroke ...

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