PHOTOS: Man kills Uncle, Aunt, Son and cooks their flesh in saucepan to make stew


A Ukrainian man killed then dismembered members of his family, before boiling their body parts in saucepans to make ‘stewed ...

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Man spends $2m he borrowed from bank on strippers!

Luke Brett Moore, a young Australian, had just lost his job when he discovered his bank was mistakenly allowing him ...

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PHOTOS: See how an NDC man beat his wife because she celebrated NPP victory

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SHOCKING PHOTO: ‘Pastor’ feeds members with dettol anticeptic


A South African cleric, Prophet Rufus Phala has made his church members drink disinfectant, Dettol, in order to get healed. Phala, a pastor ...

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Angry goat attacks pensioneer

A pensioner had to be dragged to safety inside a shop after an angry goat went on the rampage down ...

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