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Can The Old Taylor Please Pick Up The Phone?

YouTube / TaylorSwiftVEVO Before I dive into this I want to point out I am a Taylor Swift fan. I ...

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This Actor Declined A Role In The ‘Hellboy’ Reboot To Combat Whitewashing In Hollywood

Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore Hellboy is the newest super hero movie to take on Hollywood, and it already has ...

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Stay Single Because It’s Better Than Settling For Less Than You Deserve

God & Man Stay single because it’s better than having screaming matches at midnight. It’s better than sending passive aggressive ...

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10 Simple Truths That Will Determine If Your Relationship Is Going To Last

Pexels How quickly you forgive each other. As humans, we are massively flawed. On average, a human being makes at ...

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You Can’t Always Blame Yourself When The Pieces Don’t Fit

Yoann Boyer You will fall for people who won’t love you back. You will change cities and feel lost. You ...

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