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17 Things I Used To Think Were Very Cool, But Now Stress Me Out

New Girl 1. Having a crush on someone. 2. Someone having a crush on me. 3. The ability to eat ...

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I Cannot Imagine Anyone Ever Falling In Love With Me

Unsplash / Agnieszka Boeske I cannot imagine someone smiling at their phone when they see my name pop onto the ...

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The Zodiac Signs Ranked In Order Of How Good They Are As Husbands

@criene 1. Cancer. Cancer men make the absolute best husbands, hands down. They never shy away from commitment, they are ...

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21 Powerful One Sentence Reminders To Read When You Are Doubting Your Growth And Healing

God & Man You are ocean deep and those that are as shallow as puddles will always dismiss you, misunderstand ...

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Half The Battle Of Love Is Simply Believing In It

Brandon Woelfel We want to simply love. We want to fold it up and put it in a little box, ...

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