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Guide to passing WASSCE Nov/Dec exams


Passing any exam has never been an easy task. In fact, most people are frightened at the thought of having ...

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12 reasons why you really shouldn’t date a writer

Writers: They’re glamorous, mysterious, creative, passionate, fearless word warriors whose pens are mightier than any sword. And sometimes that’s true. ...

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This Is Me Accepting That Things Will Never Be The Same Between Us

Pixabay This is me accepting that we’ll still be in each other’s lives but not necessarily involved in it. We’ll ...

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17 Things I Used To Think Were Very Cool, But Now Stress Me Out

New Girl 1. Having a crush on someone. 2. Someone having a crush on me. 3. The ability to eat ...

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I Cannot Imagine Anyone Ever Falling In Love With Me

Unsplash / Agnieszka Boeske I cannot imagine someone smiling at their phone when they see my name pop onto the ...

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