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Gay Man Arrested At Hospital For Refusing To Leave Sick Partner

A gay man was arrested this week at a Missouri hospital after refusing to the leave bedside of his sick ...

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PHOTOS: Woman Commits Suicide Because She Was Unable to Cope with Husband’s Death

Velazco Ibáñez committed suicide to ‘rejoin her soul-mate in the after world. Worried by her suicidal thoughts, the woman’s family ...

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REVEALED: Vatican Computer Used To Download 3 Pornographic Movies Illegally

Someone using computers in Vatican City has been pirating fetish pornography videos, according to an analysis by a company that ...

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UK: Five Die In Car and Lorry Collision

Five people have died in a car crash in North East Lincolnshire, Humberside Police have said. A police spokesman said ...

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Man Burnt Alive For Drinking Flatmate’s Beer

An Australian man who allegedly drank a flatmate’s beer was beaten unconscious, locked in the boot of a car and ...

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