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Courts Orders FDA to Investigate Channels of Fake Drugs

A Circuit Court in Accra has ordered the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) to extend its investigations on all boarders ...

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10 Compliments Men Hate Getting

Kind words that aren’t… You may think saying your husband looks cute trying to fix the lawn mower is music ...

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Happily Marrieds Have Lower Blood Pressure Than Social Singles

Happily married adults have lower blood pressure than singles with supportive social networks. Both men and women in happy marriages ...

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Easy Steps To A Great Complexion

Step 1: Know Your Skin Type Who doesn’t want great-looking skin? Start by knowing your skin type. Then you’ll know ...

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Health Benefits of Guava; All You Need To Know

Guava is a laxative fruit. Being a rich source of dietary fiber, it helps to cure constipation. Magnesium in guavas ...

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