17 Things You Can Relate To If Have An Older Big Sister

Yesterday, 11th April was National Siblings Day. Did you celebrate your siblings if you have? We Kenyans only celebrate Christmas, ...

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Former pornstar turns into a pastor; shares her incredible storyCrystal’s family

former pornstar convert

Southern girl Crystal, then DiGregorio, grew up in North Carolina, USA, but moved to Hollywood after falling pregnant at 16. ...

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10 Reasons Foodies Make The Best Lovers

For me, the love of food is the truest form of love. It’s a relationship based on respect, admiration and ...

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11 Small things guys notice about you

Relationship partner

When it comes to attracting men, there are a lot of things girls often take for granted. Most of the ...

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This is how you can lose her


Sometimes you wonder why the woman in your life says ‘I am okay” and refuses to answer your questions, when ...

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