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How to Properly Apply False Eyelashes

Ever thought false lashes looked perfect in the package only to apply them (shoddily) and end up looking like a ...

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Africans Spend More Than $7 Billion On Fake Hair

Despite limited financial resources, Africans are spending an estimated $7 billion on their hair, Media reports. According to Euromonitor International, ...

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8 Easy Ways You Can Avoid Wrinkles

Once age begins to step in gradually, it seems like the wrinkles starts appearing faster and every line and spot ...

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How to Avoid Dry Skin and Broken Lips This Harmattan

Harmattan is a cold-dry and dusty wind that blows over the West African sub-region usually between November and February each ...

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3 Ways the Bible Can Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever worked on your weight-loss plan, got on the scale and then discovered you haven’t lost anything … ...

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