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Not brushing your teeth can affect strength of your manhood

It’s the eternal quest: how do you increase the size, strength and stamina of your erections? There are endless treatments, ...

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How to “treat” laziness being the student?

Often, laziness can be viewed as a desire not to take certain actions and not the lack of desire to ...

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Your Bedroom is not a Theater: 6 Signs of Fake Female Orgasm

Women are able to portray the most diverse emotions and not only them. In bed, they know how to fake ...

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4 Ways to get through your cravings when just starting a diet

Starting a diet is no easy feat. It’s mind over matter and you’ll always be battling your cravings. Overcoming your ...

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Women love wearing men’s underwear – Study finds

Nearly half of young women like to borrow their partner’s pants as they find them more comfortable than their own. ...

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