Why insurance is more expensive in Canada than US

Insurance in Canada

It has become very clear that insurance quotes in Canada are more expensive than those in the US. This has ...

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How to get the best insurance quotes in Ontario

Cheap car insurance accident

Getting the best insurance quotes in Canadian city Ontario may be as easy and simple as going through this article. ...

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5 hidden secrets for getting a cheaper insurance quote

Car insurance

There are many things car insurance companies will not tell you when you approach them to get their service. Some ...

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Why is foreign media naming “Ebola” as an African country?

A strange development on news aggregation website, Reddit caught the attention of many users and they have began questioning how ...

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Bald men are more successful, intelligent and masculine – Report

What do Jeff Bezos, Kenneth Frazier and Steve Ballmer have in common? They are tremendously successful. And also bald. Coincidence? ...

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