Youth in agriculture: moving beyond talks to actions

Agriculture entrepreneur

Few years back, agriculture was not so much of a hot topic in the Ghanaian media. Of late, however, it ...

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Transforming Africa through Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are individuals whose innovative solutions help solve society’s most pressing social challenges. They draw on business techniques to ...

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Meet my friend: ‘Not the Facebook type’ [Article]


With so much excitement and love in my heart, I would like to introduce you to my dear friend. Most ...

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School is Killing Your Creative Juices

Whenever I hear the phrase “creative industries” I’m always surprised. I ask myself, are there any uncreative industries? If so, ...

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“The Witchcraft of Rebellion” – Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

After I finished preaching recently, two young men approached. They said the Lord had called them to be evangelists, and they ...

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