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#SMS: SMS Episode 118 : Jon ≥ Hammer

SMS Episode 118 : Jon ≥ Hammer   Jon: Vanish from my presence for I know you not Hammer: Oh! ...

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Women with big buttocks are smarter – Oxford Study

When Sir Mix-A-Lot burst onto the music scene declaring “I like big butts and I cannot lie” – he may ...

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"Ghana a Double Standard Society?"

I have been observing and monitoring happenings of my beloved country and it gives me room to be concerned. I ...

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A BOOK THAT NEVER DIES I (The Myth of the Rain-Maker) by J.Y Frimpong

Once upon a midnight, Whilst I sat down pensively My nephew asked me a question “Why does God live so far?” ...

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Women are 'better at multitasking' than men, study finds

It’s not a myth – women really are better than men at multitasking, at least in certain cases, a study ...

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