Video: Shatta Wale, Kejetia vs. Makola crew praying against death prophecies

A video, posted by popular musician Shatta Wale has revealed that whereas other celebrities were enjoying their valentine with their friends and loved ones, Shatta Wale born Charles Nii Armah Mensah decided to have his valentine with the Lord in prayer.

The 19 seconds video shows a group of men in prayer with Judge Louis Lamis of Kejetia vs. Makola fame leading the prayer.

It is believed that the prayer meeting was to pray against some predictions of Shatta Wale’s death.

The self-acclaimed dancehall king who has been on the neck of religious leaders following some ‘prophetic’ prouncements on his life threatened to burn down churches if he does not die by close of 2018.

He described the prophecies and prophets as fake indicating that the spirit that lives in him is bigger than those in the world, because his “God no dey doze, He no dey go vacation”.

According to him, Pastors have used several dubious means to get away with monies belonging to people and have broken several homes.

He indicated that Ghanaians who have been duped by so-called Pastors and have left them very poor and devastated should speak up because it is high time Ghanaians shame Pastors who have taken advantage of the gullibility of Ghanaians to enrich themselves.

But he appears to be backtracking on his latest threats and has now resorted to prayer.

Watch the video below:

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