Exam results are ready – Angry Law School students assured

The authorities at the Ghana School of Law have assured students at the school that their results from the two end-of-semester examinations of the 2017/2018 academic year will be released soon after being delayed for several months.

According to the Director of Legal Education at the School, Kwesi Prempeh, management received the results from the Independent Exam Board which supervised the process yesterday [Wednesday], and a meeting with the General Legal Council is being scheduled for Friday before they can be released to the students.

Although he could not state with certainty what had caused the delay, he suggested that it could have been “an issue with the markers.”

“We appreciate [the students’] concerns. The results are in and we are ready to have a meeting of the General Legal Council to discuss the results. It’s being supervised by the Independent Exam Board, and I’m not privy to the reason why it delayed. We got the results today, the Council has to meet, that’s the procedure. The Board of Legal Education has to meet and then the General Legal Council. We are trying to schedule the meeting for Friday,” he said in a brief interview on Eyewitness News.

His comments come on the back of agitations from the students who had expressed concerns that the results from their first semester examinations in particular, have not been released, after sitting for the papers about ten months ago.

The President of the school’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC), Sammy Gyamfi, said on Eyewitness News that the long wait for the results was causing the students “psychological and emotional trauma.”

He however stated that they have had meetings with the school’s authorities and the office of the Chief Justice in order to find a solution to the problem.

Mr. Gyamfi also called for reforms to the examination regime in order to prevent a recurrence of such a situation in the future.

“As far back as April 2017, students of the Ghana Law School wrote eight courses as part of the first semester examination. From that time till now, the results from our first semester examination have not been released to students. Again, in September 2017, we sat for our second semester examinations and five months after that, results for that examination haven’t been released to students as well. It is true that has created a sense of apprehension among students and it’s putting them under emotional stress and psychological trauma,” he said.

“The normal thing one would have expected is that, after students write the first semester examinations, results are released before they sit for the second semester examinations, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case in our situation. There indeed is a problem, but we are engaging the authorities concerned; the authorities of the Ghana School of Law who are equally worried about the developments and are making frantic efforts to remedy same.”

He added that, “We are also engaging the Office of the Chief Justice who is the Chairperson of the General Legal Council, the body responsible for the Independent Examination Board, and we are expecting drastic measures to be put in place so that in the short term our results will be released to us for the rest of our academic activities to go on as scheduled, and also in the medium term some drastic measures should be taken to reform the whole examination system so that we can have a much more effective and efficient system in place.”


Credit: Citi FM

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