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Use New Media to enhance SDG’s – Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Her Excellency Queen Mathilde of Belgium has called for the use of new media to enhance the attainment of the UN SDG’s, which was adopted in 2015.

She explained that new media offers a rich source of information and knowledge and exciting opportunities for all fields.

Delivering the keynote address at a public lecture held at the University of Ghana on the topic “The SDG’s: A Transformative Agenda For The Future We Want”, Queen Mathilde further asked for an integration of the various SDG’s into the educational curriculum of tertiary education as students play an important role in the reaching of the goals.

She further added that although the achievements so far have been impressive, there is more of work to be done, hence, governments should not be complacent.


Credit: Jeffrey Nyabor|Radio Univers 105.7

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