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5 tips to starting your acting career

The entertainment industry is notoriously difficult to get into. But one of the toughest jobs to break into is acting – especially if you are new on the scene.

A quick look at the statistics will show you just how hard it really is. Did you know that at least 95 percent of all actors are out of work throughout the year? The remaining 5 percent are the only ones who get work consistently.

But the statistics shouldn’t deter you. If you want to be among the 5 percent, you need to have a plan. Actors who have a solid plan at the start of their acting career have a greater chance of success than those that just wing it. This approach might take a lot more time and effort, but it will also give you the information and tools you need to become successful.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips that will help you start your acting career on the right foot”

  1. Make Sure You’re Committed Enough

There are a lot of people who get bitten by the acting bug but never pursue the dream. That’s because the glamour of being a successful actor hides a lot of the effort it takes to make the dream your reality. If you want to be a successful actor, you have to be smart about this complex business.

And the first step to doing this is figuring out if you are committed enough for the long haul. Do you love performing enough to navigate the difficult ins and outs of the behind-the-scenes work? Are you confident enough to deal with constant rejection? Will you be able to work two – or even more – jobs as you try to find steady acting work?

The point of this isn’t to discourage you, but to show you how important it is to be realistic. With the right information, you’ll be able to make the right choices for your career.

  1. Make a Plan

It’s actually pretty easy to start an acting career, but how do you make the transition and become a working actor? Working actors are people who go out on auditions and work on a stage or film set on a regular basis. They are able to support themselves solely from acting gigs. It’s not necessarily about becoming a film star, but being able to pay your bills with your acting jobs.

To make this switch, you must have a solid plan. Create it based on your knowledge of how the acting industry works. It also depends on what type of acting you want to do – whether it’s on the stage, in films, or in commercials. Make sure to include services like Auditions HQweight: 400;”> into your acting plan. That way, you’ll be able to access information about the best auditions and casting calls in your local area.

  1. Get Some Training

There are a lot of things you can’t control in the acting world. This includes the gigs you book and the people you work with. But you do have control over your own acting training. As with any other job, you must be properly trained to even get your foot in the door.

Not only will training make you a better actor, but it will also help you become better at the auditioning process. Keep in mind that talent agencies, casting directors, and producers want to know what sort of training you have. Placing a few well-known and respected acting classes in your CV can help you draw some attention.

  1. Get Some Acting Experience

For new actors, getting acting experience will be a tough first hurdle to overcome. But there’s an easy way to do this. You can start by joining local drama clubs or community theaters. You could audition for low-budget student or indie films. You could even carve your own path and create your own theater or film productions. Online platforms like YouTube are a great way to start getting the experience – and exposure – you need.

  1. Refine Your Skill

Once you have some acting classes and a few jobs under your belt, it’s time to take it one step further and refine your skills. You can do this by either receiving formal training from a reputable drama school or going through short-term acting schools. Long-term acting classes are also a great way to master your craft.

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