2018/2019 UG admissions: 5 ways to secure Legon admission this year

Ghana’s premier tertiary institution, University of Ghana this week announced that it had begun accepting applications from prospective applicants who wanted to pursue various undergraduate programmes at the school for the 2018/2019 academic year.

For the first time in recent years, the University of Ghana has become the first public school to open it doors for admission.

As usual, over thirty thousand people, including those sitting for this year’s WASSCE exam, are expected to apply.

However, per recent trends, just one-third of the number is expected to be successfully admitted.

Here are five possible ways to secure admission to the University of Ghana this year.

#1 – Make sure you meet the general admission requirement

University of Ghana, like every other university in the country has a general admission requirement.

In order to secure admission into any tertiary institution, applicants must score at least C6 in six subjects – 3 Core subjects and 3 electives.

Your application will surely go through the first gate if it meets this standard.

University of Ghana begins 2018/2019 undergraduate admissions

#2 – Ensure that you meet the grade requirement for the course/programme you opt for

There is a cut off point for the various programmes.

For instance, an applicant must score at least 14 to be qualified for admission for any of the programmes under Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences.

Therefore, inasmuch as you scored at least C6 in six subjects – 3 Core Subjects and 3 electives, you cannot secure a place on the admission list for a B.Sc. Computer Science programme if your grade score is above 15

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, click here to see the cut-off point for this year’s admission 

#3 – Don’t make a mistake with your online application

More people have failed to make it to Legon over petty mistakes made with their online application.

Take time to read instructions and fill every aspect well before submission.

Thankfully, after the release of the WASSCE results, the university authorities send messages to applicants notifying them that changes could still be made on their online application.

Do due diligence and make sure all is done right.

University of Ghana admission 2018/2019 cut-off points

#4 – Behave well during your WASSCE exams

This goes to those who are sitting for the 2018 WASSCE exams. The university awaits on stand-by for your results to be released before they can determine whether you can be admitted or not.

If your results is not available to the university by the time of the provisional release of the general results, it is highly possible that you will have to apply again next year.

Usually, applicants whose results have been withheld or cancelled do not get admission.

This is why you should behave well during the exams so you results is neither withheld nor cancelled.


Reason #5 – Be lucky

Admission into the University of Ghana is often the university of choice for many Senior High School graduates.

Each year, the number of applicants to the school increases, however, the school is forced to turn down the application of many despite the fact that they qualify to be admitted due to infrastructural and logistical constraints.

Each of the programmes available at the university has a limited number of people it admits.

Although you may have scored the right grades and have met the cut-off point, you compete with fellow applicants opting for the same program.

Unfortunately, you don’t really have control over this.

All you can do is just hope and pray.


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