4 tips to finding great promo codes in the Philippines

Whether you are a regular shopper or not, finding the best deal is important in order to save a few bucks. Today, a lot of retailers both online and offline now have a lot of ideas on how to attract more shoppers to their stores.

One of these is by giving away regular promo discounts and promo codes. As a smart shopper in the Philippines, we certainly want to take an extra mile to take advantage of these promotional codes and coupons.

Here are four tips on how you can find great promo codes in the Philippines.


Make use of the search engine.

The first and most basic thing you can do in order to find great promo codes is by searching for websites that offer promo codes. Most of the time, you will find these promo codes on your chosen store’s website as you are shopping. There are also times when you can find promo codes upon adding your items to cart. Find time to search for websites that offer promo codes for different brands. The simplest way to do it by typing in your search bar the name of the brand or retailer you are looking for and then add the words “coupon codes” or “promo codes”. After you hit enter, you will see different results and you will be able to search for the best coupon codes with the different options.

Sign up for email alerts.

While email alerts can be a bit of annoying to look at in your email, they can definitely help you in terms of getting the first dibs on promotional offers. If you subscribe to a company’s email list, they will often send coupons and special promotional codes for you. The good thing is you can also get multiple promo codes if you sign up multiple email addresses. There are also some stores who offer a discount coupon if you sign up to their mailing list. If you want to be organized about it, you can also filter these subscriptions in your inbox so you’ll know where to look first if you are looking for the most recent discount coupons.

Follow retailers and brands on social media.

In today’s modern age, most of the businesses, if not all, are already making use of social media to reach out more customers. As a result, most of them reward their customers with exclusive coupons if they follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Download price comparison apps or add an extension to your browser.

You can also get special coupon codes by using a price comparison tool on your browser or through an app. Most of the time, you can add these price comparison tools as an extension to your browser. These tools automatically display available coupon codes when you shop on retailer sites or when you are already in the check-out process. These tools pick the best coupon code from the across the web so you basically not just save money, but also time and effort.

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