Freemason, George Weah to be sworn-in as Liberia president

It is increasingly becoming clear that freemasons all over the world are rising to higher positions and various leadership roles.

In almost every aspect of society, you are very likely to see one or a couple of them. Newly elected Liberian President and former footballer, George Oppong Weah is the latest to join the league of ‘big political men’ who are members of Freemason.

It is speculated that freemasons all over the world assist each other heavily, especially in terms of finances and pull important strings to get each other higher in society.

If this is true, then George Weah’s resounding over 60% majority vote won in Liberia’s election is not surprising.

George Weah has been a freemason for several years. That came to light when he began his political career as a senate in Liberia after retiring from a great football career. traced back in history and realized that he is quite recognized in the Liberian fraternity of the freemason.

George Weah (middle) after a Freemason meeting

As far back of 2015, a man named, Benoni Urey, who is considered Liberia’s wealthiest man said freemasons must ensure that they produce a presidential candidate, noting that it is only a freemason that could transform Liberia and improve the situation of the country.

Two years down the line, Liberia has a president, who is a Freemason, in the person of George Weah.

The secret society produced five of the countries past presidents including Joseph Jenkins Roberts, Charles D. B. King, Garrison W. Gibson, William B. Coleman and William R. Tolbert. All were Grand Masters when they became president.

For much of Liberia’s history, the Freemasons dominated the political scene of Liberia. The historian James Ciment in Another Liberia has said before the 1980 coup d’etat, Liberia’s most important decisions were made at the Grand Masonic Lodge. Then, the fraternity largely excluded Liberia’s native population. After Samuel Doe had taken power, he banned the organization, and they have since been irrelevant in Liberian society.

The Masonic Order of Liberia has since been reinstated, and 14 of the subordinate lodges are operational. While the organization has not regained its past prominence.

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