[PHOTOS] Asaawa Gh, Sharon Gh and Akosua smoke peace pipe

Asaawa Gh, Akosua Sika and Sharon Gh, who were in the news last week for a controversial boyfriend snatching/assault video have appeared to have made peace.

Last week, video of a slay queen, Akosua Sika, emerged on Facebook. She was being assaulted by one Sharon Gh and her friends. The video is said to have been shot by Asaawa Gh, the guy at the middle of the controversy.

Slay queen beaten mercilessly by boss chick [VIDEO]

What caused the fight??… Akosua Sika said she met Asaawa Gh, Sharon Gh’s boyfriend on facebook and they occasionally had chats online. They later exchanged contacts and started exchanging messages via WhatsApp.

She further revealed that based on the conversations, it appeared the guy was interested in her and as a means of knowing if it was really true she made a request for some money from him.

The secret chats between Asaawa GH and Akosua Sika.. [PHOTOS]

She said the guy requested that she visited him for the money, unknowing to her, it was a set up for the guy’s girlfriend and her boss chick friends to pounce on her and beat her mercilessly.

They described her as a boyfriend snatcher and humiliated her, giving her slaps and destroying her mobile phone.

However, 233livenews.com has intercepted a photo of the three, Akosua Sika, Sharon Gh and her boyfriend, Asaawa Gh together in one photo.

VIDEO: Akosua Sika’s mum, brothers storm Asaawa GH’s house

Akosua Sika’s brother, who led his mother and some friends to the residence of Asaawa Gh in an attempt to fight back, is also pictured in a pose with Sharon Gh.



Credit: 233livenews.com



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