See this….6 guys attempt to gang-rape a girl in Accra

Ghanaians are expressing outrage over the leak of a video that indicates a group of six men, want to gang rape a young girl.

The girl, who was helpless because one of the guys had bound her hands firmly tried in various ways to resist the sexual assault but the other guys tried to force their way with her.

The horrifying sexual violence incident is believed to have happened in Accra.

The guys, whose faces could easily be identified in the video, forced to have their way with the young lady who seems to be in her 20s.


The men spoke twi in the video.

The young lady kept struggling with the guys who were apparently giggling throughout the video.

Per the video, a supposed elderly man, whose face was not shown, entered and room and forced the young men to set the girl free and vacate the room.

It is alleged that the young men, who were recording the encounter uploaded it subsequently on social media platform Facebook.

They, however, deleted it not long after uploading it.

Currently, we are unable to upload the video online due to the sensitivity of the matter and how disgusting the guys’ acts were.

There are calls for the Police to take up the matter. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection’s attention has also been drawn to the video.



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