Sharon GH, Asaawa GH run away from home, deactivate their Facebook accounts

The guy at the center of the Akosua Sika controversy, Asaawa GH is trying to run away from the mess he created. He has immediately vacated his house and has deactivated his social media accounts.

His girlfriend, who slapped and humiliated Akosua Sika has also ‘disappeared’. She has deactivated her account and has left her house to an unknown location.

Many people, especially friends of Akosua Sika have threatened to deal with them for what they did to Akosua Sika.

Both Asaawa GH and Sharon GH’s facebook account have been deactivated and search for them online has proven unsuccessful.

The guy in question, Asaawa GH

Yesterday, when Akosua Sika’s mother, brothers, and friends stormed Asaawa GH’s house, they had vacated the place. They met an empty house and had to leave after a search around the house and finding nobody.

Akosua Sika was slapped and beaten mercilessly by a boss chick, Sharon GH who claimed she [Akosua Sika] wanted to snatch her boyfriend.

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According to Akosua Sika, she met the guy, Asaawa GH on facebook and they occasionally had chats online. They later exchanged contacts and started exchanging messages via WhatsApp.

Akosua Sika

Akosua revealed that the guy said a lot of terrible things about his girlfriend, suggesting that he didn’t like her and was ready to move on.

She further revealed that based on the conversations, it appeared the guy was interested in her and as a means of knowing if it was really true she made a request for some money from him.

She said the guy requested that she visited him for the money, unknowing to her, it was a set up for the guy’s girlfriend and her boss chick friends to pounce on her and beat her mercilessly.

They described her as a boyfriend snatcher and humiliated her, giving her slaps and destroying her mobile phone.

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Interestingly, as they abused her, the guy looked on unconcerned as a video was recorded, possibly by him.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend of Akosua Sika, who is unhappy about the turn of events has taken to social media to share a lot about who Akosua Sika is and he has been doing for her.

Sharon GH

One of the many revelations he made today [Monday] was the fact that he recently bought iPhone and gave her money for upkeep.

The boy, who is a ‘son’ to hiplife musician Criss Waddle expressed shock that she went to another guy to get money.

According to him, he has been giving her money for her upkeep and buys other things such as clothes for her.

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The AMG Business boss, Criss Waddle while commenting on the issue revealed that his boy had been taking care of Akosua Sika’s needs.

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