FULL STORY: How bloody Commonwealth Hall murder happened on Saturday

Many reports concerning the murder of an Old Vandal (former resident of Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana) have failed to capture the details of what exactly happened on that fateful evening and precise details about who the suspect is.

First of all, the suspect and the deceased (Chief Tipsy) were all part of a delegation that went to the funeral of an Old Vandal called Vandal Lion.

That funeral was held close to Amrahia on the outskirts of the Greater Accra region along the main Accra-Dodowa road.

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The delegation after the funeral, all took the bus (the Old Vandals Association bus) they traveled on back to Accra.

On their way back to campus, discussions turned to debates and then into arguments.

It later turned very heated and violent on the bus that they virtually exchanged physical blows and were separated by other passengers on the bus.

When they eventually got to Commonwealth Hall on campus, at about 6:30 pm, things intensified and the murder suspect, allegedly broke a bottle and stabbed with deceased in the stomach with it.

He began bleeding profusely, this attracted onlookers who quickly rushed him to the Legon Hospital while the suspects were arrested and handed over to the Campus Security who were called to the scene.

Status of the two persons involved

What has become a subject of controversy now is the status of the two persons involved in the unfortunate incident.

The deceased, who we currently know only by his nickname, Chief Tipsy is an Old Vandal. He completed the University of Ghana at least 3 years ago but still resides in the hall.

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The suspect, whose name was given as Vandal George (although cannot be verified) is alleged to be residing in the hall although he is not a student of the school. Some have suggested that he was never at any point even a students of the school. But this is yet to be confirmed by the Management of the school who are yet to make comments about the development.

What is happening now?

An autopsy is being carried out on the deceased.

The suspect is currently in the custody of the Legon Police. He accompanied some forensic investigators to the crime scene earlier this morning and narrated to them how the incident occurred.

He is being processed to court as the police continue with their investigations into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Old Vandals Association are holding an emergency meeting over the matter.


What have authorities said?

The Junior Common Room (JCR) of Commonwealth Hall has declined to comment on the matter, saying that the incident is not in relation to a JCR member.

In a statement hours after the incident, the JCR executives said:

“The leadership of the JCR has observed with worrying concern, messages circulating on social media alleging that a JCR member has stabbed a fellow colleague.

The leadership of the JCR is aware of the current development. However the entire JCR and University community should note that the incident happened in relation to some past students and has nothing to do with the members of the JCR of Commonwealth Hall.

The leadership of the JCR is informing noble residents of the Hall and University community to desist from circulating such unconfirmed messages and wait for official reports from the appropriate bodies.


The Old Vandals Association also in a statement that describes the accused as an “intruder” said:



Fellow Vandals, I salute all of you.

I believe most of you have read or heard of the stabbing to death of an Old Vandal by a man who is believed to be an intruder.

The incident happened at about 1830 hours GMT on Saturday, 9 December 2017, at the “Charging Grounds” in the Commonwealth Hall.

It started as a mere argument between the two (the deceased and the killer) in the OVA bus on our way from Amrahia to campus (after attending the funeral of the late Vandal Lion). The argument became heated and the two had to be seperated on several occassions by others. It went on and on. So, when we got to Atomic Junction, the driver was advised to stop and the two were thrown out of the bus. Others joined them.

When they got to the Hall, they had not stopped. It was at this time that the killer allegedly grabbed the knife of the khebab seller and cut the victim several times with it. The victim bled profusely and was rushed to the Legon Hospital by the killer and some Vandals.

The Doctors could not save his life. He was pronounced dead around 1900 hours GMT.

On behalf of the Vandal Fraternity, I extend heaps of condolences to the family of the deceased Old Vandal. May the Almighty Father comfort them in these trying times.

I urge all of us to remain calm. Let us continue to pray for our departed brother, Chief Tipsy.

The leadership will be meeting in the next few hours. We shall keep you posted.

Thank you.


By: 233livenews.com


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