We’ll spread HIV if Ghanaians don’t stop stigmatization – HIV patients warn

Some HIV patients have threatened to spread the infection if Ghanaians, particularly employers continue to discriminate against them.

“We will date brothers and husbands of people who do don’t have the HIV virus if Ghanaians continue to stigmatize and refuse to employ us,” Florence Adomakoa told Atinka FM.

Florence Adomakoa, a carrier of the HIV virus for the past 27 years, stated that if Ghanaians do not accept and employ them in various institutions and workplaces, they will have no option than to start dating “our brothers and husbands so that they will also be infected with the virus for them to experience how we feel.”

“We are denied of Jobs when employees get to know our HIV status even though we are strong and qualify for the positions. We now know our right so if u deny us employment, we will also sue you,” she added.

Adomoaka was speaking to Atinka FM on the sidelines of the launch of “Poverty Through 4*4 Annum Development Scheme” by the Mother Africa and Child Care Organization(MACCO)

A Representative from Ministry of Gender Children and Protection Agency Mrs. Beatrice Asumadu outlined some of the measures the government is putting in place to empower women.


Credit: Atinka FM