POEM: Letter to my Addiction by Matthew Sasu Badu

Dear Addiction,

You’ve always been a companion.

You were the shadow that walked with me.

I kept moving on, even though

I didn’t know

that I was being followed

I found myself trying to find my priorities,

from my conglomerated responsibilities

and now, not only do I regret,

A heart filled with contempt,

I contemplate in the valley of reality

Like a freely falling body

Under the lone influence of gravity.

The more I moved towards your edge

The more you showed me your depth

This time, I tried to back out,

but under that strong field, I was blacked out.

I saw what I couldn’t see

and you showed me what I could never be

I thought it was ‘hope’

but as an impostor of hope,

it was desperation in disguise

and ‘depression’ in my life


Dear Addiction,

We’ve been together for far too long,

I’m sorry to say this, It wont work anymore

Let our memories be set ablaze

As we take this moment to part ways.

I know you’ll find your way,

‘cos your next residence…is not far away


Written by: Matthew Sasu Badu


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