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Netflix’s Mindhunter review: A fascinating and intelligent exploration of serial killer study

Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany star in Mindhunter (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix’s Mindhunter takes a different path from executive producer David Fincher’s history with serial killer-led drama, by magnifying onto the psychology behind the violence.

Judging by the first two episodes, Mindhunter may prove a divisive concoction. If you’re expecting Fincher back in the case-solving chases of Seven or Zodiac, you’ll most likely be disappointed by the show’s methodical pacing and emphasis on intellectual stimulation over gruesome deaths.

The show’s introduction however hints towards more familiar territory. We meet F.B.I. hostage negotiator Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) in 1977 in the middle of his everyday life; stood resiliently alongside police… Read the full story


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