J.R. Smith Has The Most Absurd Coffee Order You’ve Ever Heard

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J.R. Smith has said and done more absurd things in his 13-year NBA career than most of the rest of the league combined, and we love him for it. Shirtless J.R. owned the Cavaliers championship parade back in 2016. His infamous “pipe” DM was truly an all-time internet moment. And remember that time he made up an alter-ego for no particular reason? J.R. Swish is the embodiment of NBA entertainment, but his latest stunt may have finally gone too far.

Episode 50 of the Road Trippin’ podcast with hosts Channing Frye, Richard Jefferson, and Allie Clifton dropped on Friday with special guest J.R. Smith. Smith talked about a plethora of subjects, one of which being his typical coffee order. Are you sitting down? Ok, good.

Before every game, the Cavaliers trainers go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. They pick up one for J.R. Smith, so keep that in mind. This is what’s coursing through J.R. Smith’s veins every time he’s out on the court.

Richard Jefferson: How do you take the coffee, tell the people.

J.R. Smith: Extra Large coffee, eight and eight.

Smith’s coffee order is an extra large hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts with eight creams and eight sugars. Eight. EIGHT! This is equal parts disgusting and despicable. I’m not one to coffee order shame, but this deserves shaming.

We can break this down a hundred different ways. First of all, I don’t know how you order an extra large hot coffee. Unless he’s chugging that thing, I don’t know how you finish an extra large hot coffee before it’s not hot anymore, and nobody likes room temperature coffee. The eight creams and eights sugars speak for themselves, that’s just not right.

And we haven’t even discussed the digestive ramifications of drinking that much coffee before playing basketball at the highest level. No thank you.

On the other hand, this explains a lot about J.R. Smith. The guys is high on caffeine and sugar all the time.


(H/T Sports Illustrated)


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