See why River Nsukwao turned bloody…’mystery’ unraveled

The Nsukwao Township in Koforidua went agog on Saturday after residents saw the river that passes through the area gradually turning red.

The redness of the river made many suspect it was blood.

VIDEO: River turns blood in Koforidua

‘Biblical traditionalist, who knew about the plagues of Egypt begun pouring libation to appease the gods.

Renowned world evangelist, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, visited the scene this afternoon to have a catch a glimpse of the mysterious act.

Some residence initially accused illegal abattoir operators of discharging a large quantity of animal blood upstream from Sushen area, however, the Eastern Regional Police Command have shot down this allegation.

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The Police in Koforidua have finally unraveled the mystery behind the change in coolour of the Nsukwao river.

According to the police, a powdered substance had been poured into the river from a tie and dye manufacturer.

Chief Inspector Sekyi of the Koforidua Police Command said they have been able to gather some evidence from the tie and dye factory.

He further added that they were still looking into the matter and will take the appropriate action in due time.

Meanwhile, private legal practitioner, Ace Anan Ankomah has urged the police to allow the law deal with the perpetrators.


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