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More interesting details of Holly Bobo’s death revealed in Court

More shocking details about Bobo’s death were revealed in Court today by lawyers in the opening statements of the first witnesses.

In the presence of the 20-year-old’s family and friends, prosecutors described an alleged encounter between the defendant Zachary Adams and his friend Jason Autrey.

On the day Holly Bobo disappeared in April 2011, prosecutors said Adams asked Autrey to help him get rid of the victim’s body after she was kidnapped, drugged and raped. Presuming her to be dead, Adams reportedly said he was going to gut her so she wouldn’t float to the surface once they tossed her body into the Tennessee River.

They claimed as they were transporting her, Bobo gasped, but Adams murdered her in cold blood.

He allegedly reached down into the blanket they had wrapped around her, located her head and then painfully shot her dead.

However, Adams’ attorney said her client was innocent of the charged brought against him of rape, kidnapping and murder. She painted a very different picture of the defendant, saying he didn’t even know the woman and had never laid eyes on her.

Attorneys claimed the massive attention this case garnered had “rumors of what was going on spread[ing] like wildfire” leading to many being interviewed more than once. At one point, police “turned on Holly Bobo’s brother and tried to put the case on him”, she said, while another had his life torn up by the investigation.

Defense attorneys urged the jury to take a look at all of the evidence including phone records that they says proves the state’s case is questionable.

“The state needs something and it’s at the point that they then decide they’re going to buy and pay for testimony from somebody,” the attorney said.

The statement was made in direct regards to Autry, who she said “sold his death penalty to the state of Tennessee in hopes he’d be released from jail soon.”

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