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REVEALED: True facts behind Afia Schwar and Abrokwah’s marriage problems

These are the real facts n true story behind Afia Schwar’s failed marriage and the leaked video:
1-Afia paid her own bride price and went ahead to marry Abrokwah who is said to be a former bouncer.
2- Abrokwah beats up Afia anytime he does something and Afia complain.
3- Afia got tired and asked her brothers to come and help her sack him from her house which they did. So Abrokwah was no longer living with Afia.
4- Afia asked for a divorce so she can continue dating someone else but the guy declined and always threatened to kill and disgrace Afia if she tries dating someone else.
5-Afia went ahead to flirt with another man after making a police report at the Nima police station in August.
6-A jealous Abrokwah and Afia’s house help connived so that Abrokwah had video her when Afia’s new found love comes to the house. .

7- He badged into Afia’s bedroom with his phone camera rolling with the aim of recording Afia in the act and releasing it later online in order to disgrace her as he threatened earlier.
8- Afia begged him because he threatened her a supposed Acid if she did not corporate for videos of her naked self to be taken

9. He reportedly beat Afia until her siblings came to rescue her. He went ahead and shared the video with 3 other people including a lawyer but it more appears that the man leaked it online by himself.



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