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WhatsApp to introduce ‘verified accounts’

Exclusivity is that pandora box everyone is seeking. Twitter was the first social media platform to introduce the concept of exclusivity, by the means of a verified mark against a user’s handle. This verification was symbolized by a blue tick, and was offered only to people with a certain amount of following, and influence on the platform. Mostly celebrities and big personalities owned this tick. Sometime last year, Twitter opened the blue tick for the general public too, but you still do need to meet a certain set of criteria. Facebook offers a similar status for pages and people with a fat followership. And now, WhatsApp too is reportedly working on a new feature, which will demarcate verified account.

Apparently, this new feature will be meant only for businesses. How Twitter and Facebook have a blue tick, WhatsApp will reportedly have a green tick against a user’s name, thus confirming a verified identity. A lot of businesses these days operate through WhatsApp, and this only makes sense to happen, with increasing cases of fraud through such platforms. BGR India reached out to WhatsApp for more information about the feature.

The confirmation of this page comes from WhatsApp’s FAQ page, and WABetaInfo also has a beta version of the app supporting verified business accounts. Naturally, not all businesses will be entitled to the green tick, since the feature is limited to a small number of businesses participating in the pilot program, reported IBTimes.

Beside the green tick, with the latest update, businesses can also set working hours on the app, to leave an “away” message (think BB Messenger) when unavailable, and manage automatic messages.

Moreover, the messaging app will also let you know when you are talking to a business by marking the conversation in yellow messages, inside the chat. One will not be able to delete these yellow messages from the chat; and they can serve as a proof that the particular conversation indeed took place between the user, and the concerned business.

WhatsApp for Business will be a part of the app’s beta version 2.17.285, and this will go live in about four months. Indian users will be among the first ones to get the rollout.



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