[Poem] Journey to nowhere


Colors are disappearing like loss of innocence
Hearing the voices from outside like a baby in the cradle

Something is murmuring just like a specific sound
The sunlight is falling and making the body hot

No movement in the body
Eyes are open; film of his past is going on

Fly is flying over his eye
He is calm and peaceful, silently shouting with pain

Pain of soul, pain of fear, pain of loneliness, pain of unknown misdeeds
Days and nights are passing, no one comes

He feels that time has stayed due to pain
For one second pain has gone

He thinks years have passed
Nothing is changed, nor his situation, nor atmosphere

Thread of life is breaking, bit by bit
He is praying, fly is flying

It is sitting on the half black and white side of the eye
Pray for one time to blink the eyes

This thing is irritating him, forgetting about everything except remembering the hellish thing
He blinks the eye; the thread of life is broken

Now there is no irritating thing
Loss of every physical sense and loss to be lost
Journey to nowhere

Written by: Matthew Sasu Badu


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