WNBA Players Held An Awesome Dance-Off During A Delay For A Roof Leak


Weather delays are rare for most sports outside of baseball, golf, and tennis. Football games rage on through the elements, while basketball and hockey are played in the comfort of an indoor arena, almost always safe from rain and storms.

There are, on rare occasion, times when a basketball game will be delayed due to a leaky roof or pipe dripping onto the court — or, in arenas where there’s a hockey rink under the floor, sometimes that can sweat through and cause condensation. That happened in Washington on Saturday night as the Mystics took on the Indiana Fever. Washington won 100-80, but the Mystics domination wasn’t the most entertaining part of the game.

In baseball, delays are so frequent that, especially at the college and minor league levels, teams will often go out of the field and goof around to entertain rain soaked crowds to pass the time. While basketball isn’t as accustomed to delays, the Mystics and Fever decided to make lemonade out of lemons and entertain the crowd with a dance-off at midcourt.

The teams also came together for the Wobble because by United States law, if Wobble Baby comes on and you do not participate you could be put in jail — this also applies to Swag Surfin’ as well.

This is easily the best way to handle a roof leak in an arena, and we can only hope that if this were ever to happen in the NBA, the Thunder would be involved so Russell Westbrook could lead the dance off.


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