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What Would It Look Like If NBA Teams Got Their Own NFL Helmets?

There are a lot of mocked up uniforms on the internet, especially with regards to the NBA as the league is rolling out its new uniforms through Nike. The Sacramento Kings decided to go in another direction and mocked up a bunch of football helmets. The catch? All of the helmets are based on NBA teams.

In total, 17 teams got helmets thanks to the Kings: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Golden State, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, Toronto, and Utah. Each team got three helmets that correspond with their logo and colors, and all of them look awesome. Still, some stand out, like these ones the Kings made for themselves.

My personal favorite may be these ones for San Antonio, which feature the black, green, pink, and orange color scheme that the team used to use.

Via Sacramento Kings

Surprisingly, the ones for the Magic were really cool…

…while these Blazers helmets really stood out among the rest.

Let’s end with another personal favorite: these Hornets helmets, which include the team’s honeycomb design.

You should definitely spend some time scrolling through the photo album the Kings put together, because while these just stood out, all of the helmets looked awesome.

(Via Sacramento Kings)


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