LeBron James DJ’d At A Miami Club And Made The Crowd Sing ‘YMCA’


LeBron James is a father to three children and there may not be an NBA star that has embraced the dad lifestyle quite like LeBron. James loves a good corny joke and embarrassing his children (in a fun way) when possible.

James listens to the latest hip-hop, but he also can’t hide his dad tendencies when it comes to music. So, when James found himself doing an impromptu DJ set at a club in Miami this weekend he played the hits but also couldn’t help but throw on the Village People’s “YMCA,” which is probably the first time that’s ever been played at that club.

The best part is how into “YMCA” LeBron is, as he implores the crowd to “sing that shit,” because he knows everyone knows the words whether they think they’re too cool for it or not. James embracing everything about his dadness in recent years and no longer trying to be too cool has been great, and this is the latest example. LeBron doesn’t have to ride any waves because he’s LeBron, and he’s figured that out and it’s incredible.

So far this summer, James has embraced his baldness, enjoyed some family vacations, handled Kyrie Irving’s trade request with some strong subtweets, and now is making people do the YMCA at a big Miami night club. Put simply, LeBron is living his best life.


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