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Model Chloe Ayling ‘has not seen her son’ since returning to the UK following kidnap ordeal

Conor Keyes with his and Chloe Ayling’s son (Picture: Instagram/ Chloeayling)

Model Chloe Ayling has not seen her son since she returned to the UK after being kidnapped in Italy, her ex-boyfriend has claimed.

Conor Keyes, the father of Miss Ayling’s 21-month-old son Ashton, revealed the model has not contacted him since the ordeal, during which she was allegedly drugged, stripped and handcuffed.

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He also said he is unsure what to make of allegations that his ex was abducted by Lukasz Herba after she travelled to Milan for a photoshoot.

Mr Keyes, who lives in east London,… Read the full story


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