Lonzo Ball Isn’t Going To Win Any Extra Lakers Fans With His Opinion On LeBron Vs. Kobe


LeBron James is a part of two of the “greatest” NBA debates of our time. One includes the battle between James and Michael Jordan for status as the “GOAT” of the league. The other includes the match-up between James and Kobe Bryant for the best player of their generation. At the end of the day, though, only one of the arguments really includes fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, and that is where Lonzo Ball comes in to the picture.

The talented rookie guard was recently asked to choose between James and Bryant. Wisely, Ball toed the line for a while, but in the end, he gave an opinion in front of a live microphone.

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Again, Ball should be credited for his diplomacy for some degree, but Lakers fans won’t love this one. He references the argument in Bryant’s favor when it comes to championship hardware (one that Jordan also made), and that should appease some of the masses. Still, Ball’s age (19) sends him in LeBron’s direction given that he has “been saying LeBron (his) whole life,” and Ball’s game is also much more reminiscent of James as a facilitator.

James continues to extend his already ridiculous prime, and with every passing year, seemingly distances himself from every player who isn’t named Michael Jordan. Fans of Bryant will never relent, though, and this could be a (very) tricky statement for Ball to work around in both the near and distant future as the new face of the organization.


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