Millennials Just Aren’t That Into Breasts, Data Finds


The image of the chesty, lusty sex object has been the focus of porn for a long time. But tastes shift, and it appears that Millennials and their parents have differing tastes on whether breasts, fake or not, matter.

Mel has a good breakout of Pornhub’s latest round of data on searches about breasts. Despite the claims of The New York Post, it appears that Millennials, in general, aren’t interested in breasts, at least as the deciding factor in how they browse PornHub:

In the latest sign that millennial dudes are markedly different from their fathers’ generation, the PornHub data shows that “millennials between the ages of 18 to 34 are far less likely to search for both big or small breasts compared to most age groups over the age of 35. Millennial PornHub users are also more interested in fake breasts than their older male counterparts, refuting that idea that millennial men are woke baes more interested in natural beauty and changing body image standards for the better.”

In other words, Millennial men, who it turns out are the ones searching for breasts (if they search at all), are specifically looking for fake breasts. We guess that nostalgia plays a role, here: After all, many Millennial men came of sexual age during an era when pop punk bands had porn stars on their album covers and mocked the entitled behavior of those stars’ fans. So maybe they’re just waxing nostalgic for a time when most porn was rented from the video store that wasn’t Blockbuster?” Or, you know, what we fantasize about in our minds and what we want in reality can be very different things, but hey, why ruminate on that, right?

(Via Mel Magazine)


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