Google ‘techbro’ James Damore’s diversity memo shows just how deluded some people are about gender

James Damore, the man fired by Google after he published a manifesto that suggested women may have a disadvantage in tech because of their biology, may well prevail in the legal case he has filed against his former employer

Google were right to fire him, but his rhetoric shows a deeper problem (Picture: @Fired4Truth/ Twitter/ REUTERS/Mike Blake)

When Google software engineer James Damore’s so-called ‘anti-diversity manifesto’ made its way onto the internet, it instantly became the centre of a debate between free speech advocates and, you know, people who believe in equality.

In his tirade (which has now become a source of much delight for the insufferable alt-right), Damore lambasted ‘left bias’ and ‘PC-authoritarians’ as… Read the full story


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