Finn Bálor May Not Be Bringing The Demon To Brooklyn At SummerSlam


Finn Bálor will face Bray Wyatt at WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn on August 20th. While it’s not the main event of the show and the feud is really just average at best at this point, there are rumblings that Bálor may bring out “The Demon” look he has used in the past.

However, in a recent interview with IGN, Bálor made it seem like “The Demon” (or as WWE called it last year on Raw repeatedly, “The Demon King”) look won’t be appearing at SummerSlam.

“You know the Demon only comes out in certain special situations and I don’t think my match at SummerSlam against Bray Wyatt calls for it necessarily. I think I’m perfectly capable of handling that on on my own, as Finn Balor. The Demon is something I have to personally tap into and believe in and draw from and the opportunity hasn’t arose and the situation hasn’t presented itself yet. The story hasn’t required it.”

Bálor went on to explain that he’s not going to use “The Demon” look just because it’s a big four pay-per-view like SummerSlam.

“Bray, right now, sure he’s playing mind games but I’m not afraid of that stuff. And if he wants to play mind games, I’ll play them too. But there’s this belief that the Demon needs to come out at every pay-per-view, or at least on the ‘Big Four,’ and if need be I’ll draw on that power, but right now I’m just enjoying being myself and kicking ass.”

In other words, don’t get your hopes up if you want Bálor to paint his whole body like the Demon.

The last time Bálor dressed up as his Demon persona on a main roster PPV was last year’s SummerSlam, when he won the Universal Title in a match against Seth Rollins. It was also the match where he suffered a severe shoulder injury that caused him to miss seven months of action and he returned on the Raw after WrestleMania this past April.

When should Bálor dress unleash the Demon for a match? The next time he wins the WWE Universal Title (or the WWE Title) would be a good time, or maybe a grudge match after a three-month feud. I agree with him that he shouldn’t do it just because it’s SummerSlam. Save it for a more special moment.


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