Chandler Parsons Tormented Blake Griffin By Acting Like The Worst Airplane Passenger Ever

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Everyone has an airplane horror story. Mine is that I could not fall asleep on a west coast to east coast red eye because one person next to me wouldn’t stop trying to get comfortable and the other watched Suicide Squad on their phone with the brightness jacked up. As you can guess, it was horrific and I couldn’t stop sleeping the next day.

But beyond issues like that, there are approximately 50 billion other minor nuisances on airplanes that can make flying a gigantic pain in the neck. On a recent flight, Blake Griffin and Chandler Parsons sat next to one another. Parsons thought it would be fun to test out a bunch of bad things that happen on airplanes and see how Griffin would react. Here are the results of his experiment.

So in order, we have:

  1. Parsons opening the windows despite the fact that Griffin wanted them closed.
  2. Parsons reaching into the seat in front of Griffin and dropping everything between Griffin’s legs.
  3. Parsons knocking Griffin’s phone out of his hand.
  4. Parsons cranking up the air that is blowing on Griffin.
  5. Parsons taking his sneakers off and putting them next to Griffin, who takes one whiff and realizes they are stinky.
  6. Parsons dipping his hand in water and rubbing it on Griffin’s arm.

The moral of this story is that you should never sit next to Chandler Parsons on an airplane. I am not sure what series of events would lead to this happening, but if the situation ever arises, we recommend calmly asking a flight attendant if you can switch seats with someone.


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