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Rastaman marries blood sister and they have a child together

A thirty-year-old Rastafarian in Koforidua, in the Eastern Region, Mawena, has confessed to having sexual relationship with his blood sister.

The relationship between the two, Mawena and Dzigbordi, though not agreed to by their parents, has resulted in the birth of a four-month old baby boy.

Narrating the strange story on Bryt FM, a Koforidua-based private radio station programme dubbed “Onwunu Adwo” and hosted by Ekow Puncho, the rastaman said he had previously spent five years in Mauritania seeking greener pastures, but could not succeed.

He said: “It was there that God told me to marry my sister before things will be okay for me in life, and he told me that if I refused to marry my blood sister, he will kill me and I did not want to die”, he claimed.

“I was not interested in my sister, but I have no option, because I cannot defy my creator,” he added.

When asked by the host whether he knows the implication of having an affair with his blood sister, Mawuena said he sees nothing wrong with that.

On the part of Dzigbordi, she told the host that natural feelings pushed her into having an affair with her brother, hence she moved from her mother’s house to stay with him.

She added that, she got convinced their relationship was in fulfillment of God’s promise which has changed the life of her brother.

She also confirmed that their family was not in support of their relationship, but she cannot leave her brother because the love she has developed for him was deep.


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