What to do after realizing you did not pass your WASSCE exam

The West Africa Examination Council yesterday released the 2017 WASSCE exams.

The provisional result saw an improvement in the passes of English Language and Mathematics, Social Studies and Integrated Science however dropped.

According to the council, the results of about 185 schools have been withheld over suspected cases of examination malpractice.

By now, you know that you are not eligible for tertiary admission.

This article is particularly to candidates who were not able to score at least credit passes (C6) in one of the four core subjects (English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Mathematics)

First and foremost, ignore all the social media trolling.

After the release of the results yesterday, social media has been crazy with people sharing unfunny jokes about persons who couldn’t pass.

If possible, withdraw from social media for now and concentrate and how to move forward.

Secondly, refuse to accept that you have failed.

Calling yourself a failure is quite extreme.

Failing to score the required grades is not a reason to see yourself as a failure. Ignore the thoughts that suggest that your world has come to an end.

You couldn’t score the required grades and that’s just it.

Lest I forget, don’t think of suicide.

Thirdly, make a move to break the news to your parents.

Yes it is bad news and that’s why they are your parents.

No matter how strict your parents are, don’t hide the truth from them. Tell them exactly what it was and don’t try to give an excuse on why you didn’t pass.

Finally, prepare to rewrite the exams

Now you know you didn’t work hard enough. Shake the dust off your feet and rise up.

The examination council has made it possible for candidates to rewrite the exams to correct their wrongs.

Analyze the things that went wrong and correct and refuse to repeat them.

Register for the Nov/Dec exam and tell the world that “Yes, I failed my WASSCE May/June, but, I rewrote and I passed”.

Become and inspiration to your young fellows.

It isn’t about your falling, it is your rising that matters.




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