Boxer Jessie Vargas Says Conor McGregor Has Been Knocked Out In Sparring Ahead Of The Mayweather Fight

Former WBO welterweight champion and Olympic boxer Jessie Vargas has heard the latest scuttlebutt that’s making its way around the fight world, and it’s not good for Conor McGregor. Vargas told Villanfy media in a brief chat that McGregor has been knocked out cold while sparring: “He got knocked out in sparring already, man!” he said. Vargas then added that he’s heard it through someone close to the situation: “The boxing world is small; it’s a small circle.” Then Vargas gives him a one percent chance to win. All of it was very laissez-faire.

If Vargas has heard these rumors, you know Floyd Mayweather has some little birds in the know. You have to wonder if the Nevada State Athletic Commission has heard about this and if they will follow up to get confirmation. If McGregor has been knocked out six weeks before the August 26 fight, then the bout could be in jeopardy.

Or, this could just be a silly rumor. But what is the benefit of spreading it? To invalidate McGregor? Before UFC 205, there was a rumor he had his nose broken that was proven to be false. That said, McGregor is now training with a different class of opponents. He can dominate in and MMA setting, but if he’s trying to simulate a boxing fight, there’s a chance he could’ve been caught.

McGregor does have a solid chin, however. And him getting knocked out cold in the ring with headgear on seems far-fetched. He does give and take when he exchanges, though. Jose Aldo opened a gash over McGregor’s right eye while getting completely decimated in their fight in 2015.

(Via Bloody Elbow)


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