A Fighter Had The Jumpman Logo Bashed Into His Forehead At Bellator 181


Derek Campos and Brandon Girtz have delivered fight fans one of the best low-key trilogies in MMA over the last few years, with Campos now taking the rubber match in a bloodbath that people are calling the Fight of the Year at Bellator 181. Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje still takes the FOTY nod from me, but Campos/Girtz three brought about possibly the most amazing thing from combat sports this year — a sportswear stigmata. A cut that somehow came out looking like one of the most iconic logos in all of sports history…

A gash in Girtz’s forehead that looks almost exactly like Michael Jordan’s Jumpman logo.

Take a look for yourself. Once you see, you cannot unsee:

Bless Caposa for placing the Jumpman logo over the intricate cut. As you can see, it fits perfectly and without any adjustment, like it was always supposed to be there. This is a sports branding crossover no one ever expected or knew they wanted, but now we can confidently say that Michael Jordan’s Jumpman logo doesn’t look so bad in the cage. Some brands don’t think they look all that good covered in blood, but the Jumpman logo looks like it belongs.

Cue the Crying Jordan meme.


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