Prophet Kumchacha slams GHAMRO over decision to make churches pay royalties

Founder and leader of Heavens Gate Ministries, Rev. Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Kumchacha has stated categorically that his church will not pay royalties to the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) if they are to ask for it.

According to him, the decision by GHAMRO to make churches pay royalties over songs sung during worship services are out of place.

Speaking in a phone interview on TV Africa. Prophet Kumchacha argued that the church pays invited gospel musicians well and hence, payment of royalties by the church will be completely unfair.

“First and foremost as I keep telling Ghanaians, these GHAMRO officials need deliverance, secondly if we as Churches invite Gospel musicians for programs we pay them duly” – he said.

He further suggested to the GHAMRO to rather tax musicians on the monies they receive after performing.

“…if I as Kumchacha invites an Artiste for a Church Program with a duration of one week or less I make sure to pay him or her with an amount of five thousand cedis, so after paying this money to the artiste GHAMRO officials would come to me to collect royalties for the music usage, how sensible is this, in my opinion why don’t they rather tax these artiste on the money being paid to them as royalties”. – he added

Last week, the president of GHAMRO stated that plans have been made to ensure that churches pay royalties for the songs used during worship service.




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