Kobe Bryant Proved He’s Still Clutch By Getting A High Schooler Out Of His Final Exam

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Kobe Bryant might’ve hung up his sneakers and retired from getting buckets in the NBA last year, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still be called on for some help in the clutch during finals time. Bryant, winner of five NBA Finals, offered his services to a high schooler that got his teacher to agree to let him out of his final exam if he could get Kobe to retweet him.

The Mamba obliged.

Just like Kobe to knock it down when you need him to. My biggest question, however, is how this teacher got bamboozled into this scheme. During final exam time you’ll see tons of these posts on Twitter, usually with stipulations like “25,000 RTs to skip the final exam” and, for high school kids without much of a following, they have to hope to get some #influencers to retweet them. That’s way harder than what this kid got, and it just proves that this teacher has no idea how Twitter works.

He probably thought, “yeah, no way Kobe would respond,” but on Twitter it’s not that hard for Bryant to type in a witty comment like “I hope you have an A in the class” and smash that quote retweet button. This kid had a way better shot of getting one retweet from Kobe, who he could just @ mercilessly, as opposed to collecting thousands of retweets.

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