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There Is Going To Be Another ‘Hellboy’ Movie After All But It Won’t Be ‘Hellboy 3’

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It might not be the much-hyped and highly-anticipated Hellboy 3 that Guillermo del Toro had promised fans was in the works in some way, shape, or form for a long time, but another Hellboy movie is indeed on the way. The comic’s creator Mike Mignola broke the news on Facebook, with some updated details about what the project might look like.″ data-width=”552″>
Rather than a direct sequel to the two existing films in the series, the reboot will instead be an R-rated project directed by Neil Marshall (best known for movies like The Descent as well as episodes of Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and Westworld) and starring David Harbour from the Netflix hit Stranger Things.

Back in February, Guillermo del Toro broke the unfortunate news that the third installment in the series just wasn’t to be, but followed it up with some clarifications that just because he wouldn’t be shepherding it to the screen himself that didn’t mean all hope was lost. Mignola chimed in with the same sentiment.

So now it’s come to pass that this will be a reboot instead of a sequel, and starring an actor who fits the mold of Hellboy and should do great in the role. Harbour is one of those actors that has been around forever but never really broke out in a big way before Stranger Things and now it looks like everyone’s prediction that even bigger things were on the way for him after that success was an accurate one.

Fan reactions weren’t unanimously positive, which could be expected, but even the unsure fans found silver linings about the new project announcement.


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